Saturday, December 10, 2011

My GOD Lives

You can keep your coffins,
Save your funeral processions,
Your black dresses,
Black suits.
Keep those tear drenched Church floors and hankerchiefs,
Eulogies by strangers,
Making heart felt statements that they don't really mean,
Death has no place here.
My GOD lives,
HIS heart beats,
Beats like congos in the congo in the midst of mid day heat.
HIS son's blood flooded the treets and closed deaths's door.
GOD breathes,
HIS heart rate is perfect,
Full of life HE is,
HE is alive,
Extinction can skip this house,
Pass over these post,
The life of the LAMB has already been shed,
GOD is among us,
HE dwells within,
My GOD lives...