Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Your weapons may form, Your weapons will not prosper, I am a child of GOD, Not foster, Your burdens weigh on me, But I will not be crushed, I will emerge from the rubble unblemished, Untouched, Your methods do not confound me, My GOD'S arms surround me, I am not without hope, Nor am I destroyed, Tossed from here to there, Back and forth, As if I was a play toy, My father has delivered me serenity and joy, Armor for war, Artillery for battle, Knowledge and wisdom to recognize your ploy, The word as my sword, Unlimited ammo, His Holy Spirit as my guide, Living within, Filling to the brim, I am not an empty barrel...#speakFREEDOM

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Give me JESUS

Give me JESUS This is my 1st single from my soon to be RELEASED debut album of the same name...#givemeJESUS

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Up Close And Personal (GOD Speaks)

You've been lied to, You've been told that I am distant, Disconnected, Aloof, No longer astute, Completely unaware, You've been told that I have left you unprotected, Without a hope or prayer, Totally neglected, Have you forgotten that I've numbered your hair? That my son was resurrected? You've been lied to, I have always been up close and personal, Not far away, Not lost in the grey, Not somewhere where the dinosaurs lay, I am here, In an instance, Expeditiously, You have no need to fear, I will step in, In...trude, That may seem...rude, But I need you to see me, To seek me, I am in your face, I am in your space, I have not left you, I have not deserted you, Nor turned on you, I have turned to you, I am up close and personal, Directly in front of you, Not hiding, Not somewhere on the sideline, I am in the game, You just need to call my name, I will respond, I will listen, Pay attention, Perk up my ears to your voice, My son, My daughter, My choice, My precious children, I am in the building, You have been lied to, I have not left you, I am up close and personal...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hear Me

Hear me father, Hear me GOD, Do not ignore me, I plead with you, Listen to me, I am your child, Perk up your ears to my voice, Tend to it, Tend to my request with mercy, Gentleness, Speak back to me, I need to hear your response, I will seek your face, My heart is yours, Iniquity has no place, Hear me father, Hear me GOD, Do not ignore me, I plead with you, Listen to me, Answer me, Do not turn away my prayer, In Jesus name, Answer me...Amen

Monday, April 9, 2012


I ador you,
How can I not?
Your love covers my sin,
In you I triumph,
In you I win,

I need you,
I need you like trees need sunlight to live, to flourish, to breathe,
Withou you I cannot breathe,
A blind man walking,
Without you I cannot see,

I feel you,
I feel you like a 1st love,
You are LOVE,
I feel you within me,
I feel you with me,
Your indelible presence,

I see you,
My vision has never been more clear,
You shielded me in my ignorance,
You guide me,
Your spirit,
Ravish me Jesus,

I trust you,
With all my heart,
My soul,
My mind,
Who else is their to run to?
Who else shall I run to?
Because of you there is nothing I should run from,

I love you,
I love you Jesus,
I love you because you LOVED me 1st.


Anybody that knows me knows that I have no problem with holding political officials accountable for their actions, but they also know that I have no problem holding the people accountable for their actions which contribute to their own circumstances as well. Yes, the education system in the inner city is completely inadequate, but so is the effort that many of the parents in the inner city put into making sure their children value their education, as well as making sure that their children have the proper learning environment at home. Yes, in our beloved country, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we have a criminal justice system that targets Black and Latino men, but are we in the Black and Latino community doing enough to redirect the energy of those Black and Latino men??? We can teach them to take that same effort that they use to involve themselves in criminal activity to start a business, get a college degree, become a Minister or a community leader. Also, those Black and Latino men have to want better for themselves. They must want to do and live righteously. It is true that our Government has allowed BIG food corporations to genetically alter, and to place unhealthy and poisonous chemicals in our food, but how many of us in the inner city are making a concerted effort to feed our families HEALTHY food. I'm am well aware that many people live in food deserts. However, I am also aware that many of those same people whom live in food deserts will take public transportation to go to see a movie outside of their own community, or put on their Friday best to go to a club two cities over from their own. How is it that that in the richest country in the world 46 Million people live in povert, 20 million live in extreme poverty, and 6 million have an income that is totally depent upon welfare? How can it be that over 50% of people in America make below 34 thousand dollars a year, and 24% make a salary that is below the poverty line. Since the 1970s, even with inflation, the average income has risen only by 7%; while at the same time salaries for top executives at large American corporations went being an average of 20 times higher than the lowest paid employees at their respective companies to 200 times higher. No country can sustain itself with such a disparity between the haves and have-nots. We know that their are many reasons for poverty: single parent homes, people who live beyond their means, people who live as though they are comfortable in poverty, people who are unmotivated and do not fight for their rights, Wall Street greed, Washington impotence, a selfish society that ignores "the least of these," an economy that is built mostly on consumerism, an economy that overfocuses on the empowerment of women while forgeting to also empower men. I could go on! I'll stop there! The Body of Christ must do better. The community must do better. The Government must do better. WE MUST DO BETTER.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prayer For Our Daughters

I pray that you'll remain our daughters,
I pray that you grow up on time, but not too quick,
That you understand the books, but recognize the slick,
I pray that your dreams never include tongue rings and a pole,
Tight red mini skirts, a stroll, and a man who for his life can't stay out of the hole,
That life can take its toll,
I pray that you walk not in dark but in light,
I pray that you give Christ your life,
I pray that you become a righteous man's wife,
I pray that you never let a man beat you,
That you have a father in the household so you know how a man is suppose to treat you,
That you don't let them mislead you,
I pray that you remain our daughters,

I pray that you are empowered by GODLY morality,
Not by exploiting your sexuality,
That you adopt a doctor's or lawyer's mentality,
I pray that you find strength in a GODLY reality,
I pray that when chooses to no longer hide, you find your way to where GOD resides,
I pray that you pray,
I pray that in HIM you stay,
That your tomorrow is better than your today,
That yesterday does not get in your way,
Progress unimpeded,
Hatred deleted,
I pray that you continue to listen,
Continue to hear,
That you'll trust with caution but without fear,
I pray that you remain our daughters...In Jesus name I pray...Amen


Christ is not separated from religion,
He's separated from the FALSE,
The fakes,
The phonies,
Self-righteous ones,
Holier than thou type persons,
Who would have you believe that Christ is separated from the LOST,
Flesh removed in patches,
Nails driven in hands,
Bones separated from their sockets,
Love at what COST?
Healing for the wounded,
Mercy for the merciful,
Warmth for the cold,
We cling to it like a MOTH,
Fatherhood for the fatherless,
Remember this,
We can afford to be separated from the world,
But we cannot afford to be separated from the CROSS...

Christ Is For

Christ is for the liars and the cheaters,
The gangsters and the divas,
The swagger filled hustlers, HE can change their demeanor.
Christ is for the found and the lost,
Misguided by the love at what cost?
Christ is for the broken, abandoned, and frail,
Overlooked on purpose, but the have a story to tell,
Christ is for the lady and the prostitute,
The wealthy and the destitute,
The fertile and the barren,
Christ is for the sinner and the saint, whosoever will,
A new man for the inner man is why his blood was spilled,
Christ is for the woman in love with a woman, man in love with a man,
Christ can save them and change them right where they stand,
Christ is for the peacemakers and warmongers,
The ones that abstain and the whoremongers,
The believers and non-believers, GOD is among us,
Christ is for the Buddhist, Jew, Muslim and Christian,
Deny him now and get denied later, accept him while you're still living,
Christ is for the elderly and the youth,
Christ is for her,
Christ is for him,
Christ is for me,
Christ is for you...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Affordable Health Care Act...Not So Affordable...

As a devout Christian I do not have a problem with the use of contraception. After all, there are married couples who use contraception. And while I completely disagree with sex outside of marriage (as all Christians should), if you're going to have sex outside of marriage, you ought to take as many precautions as possible to prevent catching an STD or having a child out of wedlock. My problem with President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act, which mandates that all employers including many religious organizations who provide health care for their employees must now also provide free contraception for their employees, including sterilization and abortifacients, is the Obama administration's justifications for passing the bill. The justifications are quite misleading.

President Obama's administration and the supporters of the Affordable Health Care Act say that it's a women's health issue. They say it will make contraception more affordable for women. They say that during a woman's life span contraception will cost her between $3,600 and $18,000. They say that tax payers will save between 4.7 and 6.2 billion dollars. They say it will help avoid more unintended pregnancies.

First, why is the Affordable Health Care Act being sold to the public simply as a women's health issue? Is the health and welfare of men not important? Are men not worth protecting? Second, the life span of women in America is 80 yrs. If the average woman did not began having sex until the age of 21 (we know the average woman becomes sexually active before then), and used contraception for all 59 yrs between the age of 21 and 80, the average woman would spend $305 a year to total $18,000. $305 a year comes out to just over $25 a month; a cost which is reduced even further by the fact that free health clinics give out some form of free contraception. Are we saying that the average woman, even the average poor woman, cannot afford $25 of month for contraception in a country where the majority of poor people receive economic assistance? Also, if it is true that 99% of women have used some form of contraception during their life, at no point and time are 99% of women using contraception at any one given time.

Third, maybe the Affordable Health Care Act will save tax payers between 4.7 and 6.2 billion dollars, but increase in insurance premiums due to the Affordable Health Care Act will absorb any such savings. As a result of the passing of the AHCA premiums will go up to as high as $1,200 for the average person. An increase in premiums will make it much more difficult for small businesses, colleges and universities to even offer health care to its employees and students. Furthermore, 4.7 to 6.2 billion dollars is a large savings when it stands alone, but we examine how much tax payers pay in federal and state taxes for health care that number is quite putrid.

Finally, how do we define unintended pregnancies. Do we define unintended pregnancies based upon whether or not an individual is married or not? There are unmarried couples that plan to have children when they have sexual intercourse and married couples that do not. When are we going to force people to hold themselves accountable for their actions? To have sex outside of marriage is a choice. To have a sex when one cannot afford the consequences is a choice. Sex in general is a choice. If as a Christian I own a non-religious business, why should I be held accountable for someone else's actions that my beliefs teach me are sin?

P.S. Is anyone else uncomfortable with President Obama passing the AHCA given how much money big pharma has donated to his presidential campaign??? Hmmmm...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Face hung low so nobody will know.
How long can she hide the bump before the baby begins to show?
How long before the evidence of her fall is easily seen on her face?
How long before the congregation recognizes that she has slipped from grace?
Does she have the courage to admit the change in her condition?
She's asked GOD for forgiveness, but will the people accept her repentance?
Or will they view her simply as another hypocritical rebellious Christian?
She understands the necessity of guilt,
But refuses to allow it to make her weak like a concrete house sitting on stilts,
She knows the BLOOD has her covered like a quilt,
But still,
In the stillness,
She admits that she was drawn away by her own lust caught in a moment of weakness,
A faction of war between her flesh and meekness,
She wonders, "Will GOD forget my name? My sin is done. I'm contrite. Now how long do I have to carry this shame?"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Don't We Get Married???

In our society people aften ask the question, "why do we get married???" Afterall, the divorce rate is 50% (WAY TOO HIGH) and the average marriage last 8 yrs (NOT NEARLY LONG ENOUGH). Now I could make the GOD argument and talk about his will for us and the sanctity of marriage (which I strongly believe in), but I'll take another approach. An approach that some may describe as a little more practical. What I want to do is to take a look at the options we have outside of marriage; which would either be cohabitation (not married but living together) or to simply date while living in separate homes.

The average cohabitating relationship last 3yrs, and the average nonmarried noncohabitating relationship last 2yrs. 79% of cohabitating relationships do not make it to the 5 yr mark; only 21% of these couple make it to the 7 yr mark. Which would mean that on average a marriage last 2 1/2 times longer than a cohabitating relationship and 4 times longer than a nonmarried noncohabitating relationship. This would also mean that a person who consistently cohabitates could likely go through the process of beginnning and ending 4 to 5 relationships over the course of 15 yrs. What effect does this constant cycle of failed relationships have on the men and women involved??? What effect does it have on the children involved???

I can easily talk about the effect that that cycle has on the men and women involved, but i would much rather focus on the children. Based upon the statistics I mentenioned earlier, a child who comes from a cohabitating household is much more likely to not only experience a broken home (a household without a father) than a child who comes from a married household, but they're also much more likely to experience the dissolution of a home multiple times over. Numbers are often very misleading but in this case they tell a compelling truth: 70% of high school dropout come from broken homes, 85% of prison inmates (both male and female) come from broken homes, 85% of children with behavioral problems come from from broken homes, and 90% of runaways come from broken homes. Furthermore, households that do not have a father/husband in the home are losing 300 BILLION DOLLARS a year; which also means that those households are missing out economically.

What does all this mean for our society???...Hmmmm...Let's see...Less high school grads, less college grads, less entreprenuers, more crime, more gang members, more poverty...AND...THE CYCYLE CONTINUES...AND ON...AND ON...AND ON...
I strongly believe that marriage is necessary...Instead of choosing to not get married, we would do ourselves, our children, and our community MUCH GOOD to focus on strengthening the institution of marriage...The results are clear...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Do You Think So Little of Yourself?

You stand in the mirror and you think to yourself, “Who could ever love that? Why would anyone ever want to love that?”
That monster,
That sloppy disgusting thing,
That vile creature,
You touch your whole body,
Measuring your fat to muscle ratio,
You see the lips of your favorite actress and you want hers instead of yours,
“Her nose would fit my face better,” you think to yourself,
You wear make-up in excess to hide scars that do not exist,
You receive compliments daily, but yet and still that thought persist, “Who could ever love that? Why would anyone ever want to love that?”
That monster,
That sloppy disgusting thing,
That vile creature,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prince of Peace

The walls crumbled, easily,
Crumbled like buildings during an earthquake which were builton sand,
You rebuilt those walls
Three days time,
Restoration at its best,
You are the true vine,
Truth and life,
Illumination in darkness,
The bread of life,
Conceived by the Holy Spirit,
Baptized unto fulfillment,
Your voice bring storms to a halt,
The wind listens to you,
Speak Lord,
You are the door to the everlasting FATHER,
The gate keeper,
Greater than high society world Governements,
You wear stripes for healing,
Emmanuel, you are with us,
You make us whole, Your BLOOD,
The ultimate symbol of LOVE,
Wonderful, counsellor,
The opposition doesn't stand a chance,
In you the conquered conquer,
We are more than,
You enter ALL places triumphantly,
Your grace is sufficient,
Let us run to your throne boldly,
You are salvation, our safety,
Regeneration, we are new,
Justification, We are validated,
You overcame the grave,
Resurrected to the highest,
Ascended beyond the firmament,
Heaven celebrated your arrival,
War retreats in the face of you,
Nothing can take the place of you,
With GOD we are at one because of you,
Everyone is welcome to the feast,
Particularly the least,
It is you Jesus,
Yes, you,
Our Prince Of PEACE.