Saturday, May 26, 2012

Up Close And Personal (GOD Speaks)

You've been lied to, You've been told that I am distant, Disconnected, Aloof, No longer astute, Completely unaware, You've been told that I have left you unprotected, Without a hope or prayer, Totally neglected, Have you forgotten that I've numbered your hair? That my son was resurrected? You've been lied to, I have always been up close and personal, Not far away, Not lost in the grey, Not somewhere where the dinosaurs lay, I am here, In an instance, Expeditiously, You have no need to fear, I will step in, In...trude, That may seem...rude, But I need you to see me, To seek me, I am in your face, I am in your space, I have not left you, I have not deserted you, Nor turned on you, I have turned to you, I am up close and personal, Directly in front of you, Not hiding, Not somewhere on the sideline, I am in the game, You just need to call my name, I will respond, I will listen, Pay attention, Perk up my ears to your voice, My son, My daughter, My choice, My precious children, I am in the building, You have been lied to, I have not left you, I am up close and personal...

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