Monday, October 3, 2011


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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Walk with them through the valley, FATHER,
That place of evil and hatefulness,
The home of the heartless,
The warehouse where the hearts are naturally hardened,
They are your children, FATHER,
Those little ones,
Do not let the savages pillage their innocence,
Keep them from such a violation,
From being robbed of their goods by for force or even persuasion,
Keep them from harm,
Safeguard your offspring, FATHER,
Draw a barrier around them,
Those little ones,
Walk with them, FATHER,
Keep every strand of hair,
Every inch of skin,
Let them never get a taste of that non-stop,
Endless pain,
Keep them from such a tragic outcome,
Those little ones’
Walk with them, FATHER,
In Jesus name,
The name of YOUR Son,
We humbly ask,

No Chains!!!

I will not be your possession.
I will not be your prized prisoner.
You will not hang you chains around my neck like grandma’s pearls.
That is not the place for your ornaments.
I will break your shackles:
Your poverty,
Your diseases,
Your racism,
Your classism’
I abhor your restraints:
Your sin,
Your pride,
Your envy
Your strife,
I will not be bound.
I submit to GOD.
I will cause you to flee.
Your fetters are too weak.
Your iron too soft,
Your manacle is insufficient.
In Christ I am removed from bondage.
In GOD I am released from all that binds me.
I have been unfastened.
I say no to your chains.

We are still being lynched in Mississippi

Nooses on lawns the joke of the hour, people stranded on roof tops because of a struggle over power. When humans are denied their human, and GOD given rights for the sake of political advantage, when the SEAN BELLS still exist, law enforcement, police brutality still persist, arrest quotas breed malcontent.WE ARE STILL BEING LYNCHED IN MISSISSIPPI!
When our president is painted in the image of a monkey, unemployment continues to rise; love painted in the image of money. Mommy or Daddy has an answer for a child that is hungry. When gang life seems more appealing than what a college education can afford you, the desire for malice and infamy is more attractive than truth. When we build our moral houses on weak foundations with no roof, WE ARE STILL BEING LYNCHED IN MISSISSIPPI!
When Blacks and Latinos spend more time in jail than their white counter parts, equal crime but unequal time, right wing and left wing extremism divides, false motives, scare fear is used to create panic and irrational thought. What are their motives?!? When we don't reach out our hand to our fellow man, too scared of community reaction thought! The son gets denied, where is the GOD in us?!? WE ARE STILL BEING LYNCHED IN MISSISSIPPI!
When calamity puts a smile on the faces of our enemies, victory seems too far beyond what we can see. Anguish and misery loves company; which one will you not be?!? When we've become complacent with living in hatred, when our love has been conquered, there is no replacement. When Black, White, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern hands, hands, just human hands cannot touch. WE ARE STILL BEING LYNCHED IN MISSISSIPPI!

Women you are BEAUTIFUL

I see god in your smile. I feel his love in your heart. When you talk there is quietness; time slows and barriers are broken down. Women you are beautiful!

No particular race, just women. Your language makes sense of the distorted noise in the room. Your grace makes space for elegance in crowded streets. Women you are beautiful!

From the shape of your style I know that GOD'S hands have made you. From the style of your life I know that his love has consecrated you. Your hardship is ever present and never meaningless. Women you are beautiful!

The truth that resonates from your spirit can make the hardest of hearts soften. The texture of who you are is felt in the fabric of your cloth. Women you are beautiful!
You collapse walls with your strength. You build up kingdoms with your beauty. I see GOD in your smile and his SON in your heart. Women you are beautiful!

I ask

I ask for truth in a time of lies and deception. I ask for guidance in a time of lost sheep. I ask for exaltation as I walk through the valley. I ask for love in such a cold and hateful world. I ask for comfort through your comforter. I ask for refuge and shelter in a time of homelessness, I ask for your hand. I ask for strength to stand up in a time when it seems everyone is sitting down. I ask for Pastors after your own heart. I ask for light in a time of perpetual darkness. I ask for your SON; our release from bondage. I ask for YOU GOD. Amen.

Can I see you (GOD'S request?)

Even though you wear those dark shades over your soul.
Hiding the vision of your truth, you do not lose me, nor do you confuse me.
When you tilt those shades, you slightly show me you,
I recognize you,
I see you.
Within your self-destruction for lack of self-interest,
Or maybe just having too much invested in low self-esteem,
Do you dream?
Can I just for once,
See you?
You've allowed man to estimate your importance to me, you make work too hard!
Your false evaluation of yourself has created self-delusion,
Nevertheless I am still interested in you.
You have met me, you know me,
But for once can I see you?


Handcuffed, behind bars and strapped down,
A Slave,
Held down by affliction, but yet still lying down when healing enters the room.
Pessimistic about the future, and weary of happy times,
A Slave,
Questioning GOD, unbelief in his Son,
Questioning the truth while holding on to lies.
A Slave,
You do not want freedom. You say these chains feel just fine, prideful, unashamed,
A happy, slave.


You stand there in your splendor.
You shine in your elegance.
All I want is to submerge in your truth; to immerse myself in your purity.
Your redemptive ways causes me to be submissive.
Your mercy is suspended in your grace. Your light prolongs the day.
Your jubilance is shown in my countenance.
Your faith in me is humbling, even frightening.
You keep me way from nostalgia. You make not looking back so easy.
Your clarity clears up the drowsiness. You make the impasses escapable.
Your beauty lies within substance, and now in me.
Oh salvation...
How LOVELY you are...

Let them see YOU

Their hearts are heavy.
Their minds weary.
They are confused by the destruction around them.
They lack guidance.
They are lied to constantly.
They need you GOD!
Let them see YOU.
The hatred that surrounds them has engulfed them.
Pessimism's belly is NEVER full.
Anxiety, depression...
Disillusionment, confusion...
They need your SON, restoration and salvation.
They need you GOD!
Let them see YOU.
They need to breathe the same air as YOU, touch the same cloth.
They need to revel in YOUR love, rejoice in YOUR presence, align, their hearts with YOURS.
They need you GOD!
Let them see YOU. Amen.

The GOD their fathers did not know

The truth, the creator, the beginning of the Trinity,
The author, the finisher, the founder,
The GOD their fathers did not know.
They told their country's citizens that they were providers, but HE is omnibus.
They told their people that their authority would reach across borders, and settle all the ills of the world, but HE is omnipotent.
They whispered and screamed into the ears of anyone who would listen: "We understand. We are aware. We have insight." But HE is omniscient.
They stood tall with their shoulders squared broadly and proud. They looked as if they stood on the highest mountain peaks, on the top of the heavens.
They conquered land after land; extending their kingdoms and empires across seas and oceans. They've stolen wives and made slaves out of the natives. They made their presence known, but HE is omnipresent.
The GOD their fathers did not know.

I found comfort in my mother

I owe you.
I owe you a debt that I could never repay.
To me, you were a hero!
Your sacrifices saved me.
You bandaged my scraped knees.
You mended my broken heart.
You were my COMFORTER.
You dedicated me to GOD, lead me to his SON.
You gave me my foundation.
Your prayers still ring loud in my ears!
You strengthened me to overcome my greatest fears.
You gave me safety.
You were my safety.
You're still keeping me safe.
You were my COMFORTER. You gave me instruction when I needed teaching.
You knew exactly when to counsel me without me having to say a word.
You gave me confidence.
I tried your patience.
This world tested your will.
You were my example of perseverance; the ultimate definition of resilience.
You were my COMFORTER.I still need you. I still speak to you. I always think of you, NOT A DAY GOES PAST. I found and still find COMFORT in you, MY MOTHER!!!

Why do you think so little of yourself?

You stand in the mirror and you think to yourself, “Who could ever love that? Why would anyone ever want to love that?”
That monster,
That sloppy disgusting thing,
That vile creature,
You touch your whole body,
Measuring your fat to muscle ratio,
You see the lips of your favorite actress and you want hers instead of yours,
“Her nose would fit my face better,” you think to yourself,
You wear make-up in excess to hide scars that do not exist,
You receive compliments daily, but yet and still that thought persist, “Who could ever love that? Why would anyone ever want to love that?”
That monster,
That sloppy disgusting thing,
That vile creature,

Who is your GOD?

Who is your GOD?
Is it the Bentley in your driveway?
How about the Gucci in your closet?
Is it the 6 figure checks you write?
You proudly boast before you even make the deposit.
Could it be that your god is prosperity?
No wonder you relegate the Salvation of Christ Jesus to the amount of money in your pocket.
Who is your GOD?
Is it the blessed most high GOD
How about the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob GOD?
Could it be the GOD that cannot lie, GOD?
Or is it the King of all the earth GOD?
It is his and the fullness thereof
I prefer the true GOD.
Who is your GOD?
Is it the GOD that brought Israel out of bondage?
We stand in awe.
Or is it the GOD who willing gave us his only begotten son?
Who else deserves such devotion?
Who else should be called sacred?
Who else should we worship?
Who is your GOD?

Do you know GOD? Do you know LOVE?

Do you know GOD? Do you know LOVE?
Perfect LOVE, patient and faithful...Selfless LOVE...
A place freedom and peace...A city of refuge...
Do you know GOD?
Do you know LOVE?
Steadfast LOVE, unshakable,
Impervious, immovable,
Priceless LOVE, better than gold, capable of releasing all strong holds...
Do you know GOD?
Do you know LOVE?
Strength to conquer kind of love, enduring,
LOVE that never lessens, its identity is unmistakable.
The GREATEST underused force in life; THE force of life...
Do you know GOD?
Do you know LOVE?
Love that cannot fail, it has no short comings,
Increasing LOVE, undying,
Proactive LOVE, on time, completely punctual...
Do you know GOD?
Do you know LOVE?
Do you know GOD? Do you know LOVE?
Perfect LOVE, patient and faithful...Selfless LOVE...
A place of freedom and peace...A city of refuge...
Do you know GOD? Do you know LOVE?