Saturday, October 1, 2011

I found comfort in my mother

I owe you.
I owe you a debt that I could never repay.
To me, you were a hero!
Your sacrifices saved me.
You bandaged my scraped knees.
You mended my broken heart.
You were my COMFORTER.
You dedicated me to GOD, lead me to his SON.
You gave me my foundation.
Your prayers still ring loud in my ears!
You strengthened me to overcome my greatest fears.
You gave me safety.
You were my safety.
You're still keeping me safe.
You were my COMFORTER. You gave me instruction when I needed teaching.
You knew exactly when to counsel me without me having to say a word.
You gave me confidence.
I tried your patience.
This world tested your will.
You were my example of perseverance; the ultimate definition of resilience.
You were my COMFORTER.I still need you. I still speak to you. I always think of you, NOT A DAY GOES PAST. I found and still find COMFORT in you, MY MOTHER!!!

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