Saturday, October 1, 2011

Women you are BEAUTIFUL

I see god in your smile. I feel his love in your heart. When you talk there is quietness; time slows and barriers are broken down. Women you are beautiful!

No particular race, just women. Your language makes sense of the distorted noise in the room. Your grace makes space for elegance in crowded streets. Women you are beautiful!

From the shape of your style I know that GOD'S hands have made you. From the style of your life I know that his love has consecrated you. Your hardship is ever present and never meaningless. Women you are beautiful!

The truth that resonates from your spirit can make the hardest of hearts soften. The texture of who you are is felt in the fabric of your cloth. Women you are beautiful!
You collapse walls with your strength. You build up kingdoms with your beauty. I see GOD in your smile and his SON in your heart. Women you are beautiful!

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