Saturday, October 1, 2011

We are still being lynched in Mississippi

Nooses on lawns the joke of the hour, people stranded on roof tops because of a struggle over power. When humans are denied their human, and GOD given rights for the sake of political advantage, when the SEAN BELLS still exist, law enforcement, police brutality still persist, arrest quotas breed malcontent.WE ARE STILL BEING LYNCHED IN MISSISSIPPI!
When our president is painted in the image of a monkey, unemployment continues to rise; love painted in the image of money. Mommy or Daddy has an answer for a child that is hungry. When gang life seems more appealing than what a college education can afford you, the desire for malice and infamy is more attractive than truth. When we build our moral houses on weak foundations with no roof, WE ARE STILL BEING LYNCHED IN MISSISSIPPI!
When Blacks and Latinos spend more time in jail than their white counter parts, equal crime but unequal time, right wing and left wing extremism divides, false motives, scare fear is used to create panic and irrational thought. What are their motives?!? When we don't reach out our hand to our fellow man, too scared of community reaction thought! The son gets denied, where is the GOD in us?!? WE ARE STILL BEING LYNCHED IN MISSISSIPPI!
When calamity puts a smile on the faces of our enemies, victory seems too far beyond what we can see. Anguish and misery loves company; which one will you not be?!? When we've become complacent with living in hatred, when our love has been conquered, there is no replacement. When Black, White, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern hands, hands, just human hands cannot touch. WE ARE STILL BEING LYNCHED IN MISSISSIPPI!

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