Saturday, October 1, 2011

The GOD their fathers did not know

The truth, the creator, the beginning of the Trinity,
The author, the finisher, the founder,
The GOD their fathers did not know.
They told their country's citizens that they were providers, but HE is omnibus.
They told their people that their authority would reach across borders, and settle all the ills of the world, but HE is omnipotent.
They whispered and screamed into the ears of anyone who would listen: "We understand. We are aware. We have insight." But HE is omniscient.
They stood tall with their shoulders squared broadly and proud. They looked as if they stood on the highest mountain peaks, on the top of the heavens.
They conquered land after land; extending their kingdoms and empires across seas and oceans. They've stolen wives and made slaves out of the natives. They made their presence known, but HE is omnipresent.
The GOD their fathers did not know.

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