Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who is your GOD?

Who is your GOD?
Is it the Bentley in your driveway?
How about the Gucci in your closet?
Is it the 6 figure checks you write?
You proudly boast before you even make the deposit.
Could it be that your god is prosperity?
No wonder you relegate the Salvation of Christ Jesus to the amount of money in your pocket.
Who is your GOD?
Is it the blessed most high GOD
How about the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob GOD?
Could it be the GOD that cannot lie, GOD?
Or is it the King of all the earth GOD?
It is his and the fullness thereof
I prefer the true GOD.
Who is your GOD?
Is it the GOD that brought Israel out of bondage?
We stand in awe.
Or is it the GOD who willing gave us his only begotten son?
Who else deserves such devotion?
Who else should be called sacred?
Who else should we worship?
Who is your GOD?

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