Saturday, October 1, 2011


Walk with them through the valley, FATHER,
That place of evil and hatefulness,
The home of the heartless,
The warehouse where the hearts are naturally hardened,
They are your children, FATHER,
Those little ones,
Do not let the savages pillage their innocence,
Keep them from such a violation,
From being robbed of their goods by for force or even persuasion,
Keep them from harm,
Safeguard your offspring, FATHER,
Draw a barrier around them,
Those little ones,
Walk with them, FATHER,
Keep every strand of hair,
Every inch of skin,
Let them never get a taste of that non-stop,
Endless pain,
Keep them from such a tragic outcome,
Those little ones’
Walk with them, FATHER,
In Jesus name,
The name of YOUR Son,
We humbly ask,

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