Saturday, April 7, 2012

Christ Is For

Christ is for the liars and the cheaters,
The gangsters and the divas,
The swagger filled hustlers, HE can change their demeanor.
Christ is for the found and the lost,
Misguided by the love at what cost?
Christ is for the broken, abandoned, and frail,
Overlooked on purpose, but the have a story to tell,
Christ is for the lady and the prostitute,
The wealthy and the destitute,
The fertile and the barren,
Christ is for the sinner and the saint, whosoever will,
A new man for the inner man is why his blood was spilled,
Christ is for the woman in love with a woman, man in love with a man,
Christ can save them and change them right where they stand,
Christ is for the peacemakers and warmongers,
The ones that abstain and the whoremongers,
The believers and non-believers, GOD is among us,
Christ is for the Buddhist, Jew, Muslim and Christian,
Deny him now and get denied later, accept him while you're still living,
Christ is for the elderly and the youth,
Christ is for her,
Christ is for him,
Christ is for me,
Christ is for you...

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