Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prayer For Our Daughters

I pray that you'll remain our daughters,
I pray that you grow up on time, but not too quick,
That you understand the books, but recognize the slick,
I pray that your dreams never include tongue rings and a pole,
Tight red mini skirts, a stroll, and a man who for his life can't stay out of the hole,
That life can take its toll,
I pray that you walk not in dark but in light,
I pray that you give Christ your life,
I pray that you become a righteous man's wife,
I pray that you never let a man beat you,
That you have a father in the household so you know how a man is suppose to treat you,
That you don't let them mislead you,
I pray that you remain our daughters,

I pray that you are empowered by GODLY morality,
Not by exploiting your sexuality,
That you adopt a doctor's or lawyer's mentality,
I pray that you find strength in a GODLY reality,
I pray that when chooses to no longer hide, you find your way to where GOD resides,
I pray that you pray,
I pray that in HIM you stay,
That your tomorrow is better than your today,
That yesterday does not get in your way,
Progress unimpeded,
Hatred deleted,
I pray that you continue to listen,
Continue to hear,
That you'll trust with caution but without fear,
I pray that you remain our daughters...In Jesus name I pray...Amen

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