Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prince of Peace

The walls crumbled, easily,
Crumbled like buildings during an earthquake which were builton sand,
You rebuilt those walls
Three days time,
Restoration at its best,
You are the true vine,
Truth and life,
Illumination in darkness,
The bread of life,
Conceived by the Holy Spirit,
Baptized unto fulfillment,
Your voice bring storms to a halt,
The wind listens to you,
Speak Lord,
You are the door to the everlasting FATHER,
The gate keeper,
Greater than high society world Governements,
You wear stripes for healing,
Emmanuel, you are with us,
You make us whole, Your BLOOD,
The ultimate symbol of LOVE,
Wonderful, counsellor,
The opposition doesn't stand a chance,
In you the conquered conquer,
We are more than,
You enter ALL places triumphantly,
Your grace is sufficient,
Let us run to your throne boldly,
You are salvation, our safety,
Regeneration, we are new,
Justification, We are validated,
You overcame the grave,
Resurrected to the highest,
Ascended beyond the firmament,
Heaven celebrated your arrival,
War retreats in the face of you,
Nothing can take the place of you,
With GOD we are at one because of you,
Everyone is welcome to the feast,
Particularly the least,
It is you Jesus,
Yes, you,
Our Prince Of PEACE.

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