Saturday, February 18, 2012


Face hung low so nobody will know.
How long can she hide the bump before the baby begins to show?
How long before the evidence of her fall is easily seen on her face?
How long before the congregation recognizes that she has slipped from grace?
Does she have the courage to admit the change in her condition?
She's asked GOD for forgiveness, but will the people accept her repentance?
Or will they view her simply as another hypocritical rebellious Christian?
She understands the necessity of guilt,
But refuses to allow it to make her weak like a concrete house sitting on stilts,
She knows the BLOOD has her covered like a quilt,
But still,
In the stillness,
She admits that she was drawn away by her own lust caught in a moment of weakness,
A faction of war between her flesh and meekness,
She wonders, "Will GOD forget my name? My sin is done. I'm contrite. Now how long do I have to carry this shame?"


  1. My daughter was born out of wedlock, but I never felt ashamed; and although her father proposed to me numerous times, I refused to tie the knot and break my vow to God because he was physically abusive. My church didn't know of the abuse, but they embraced me and my child with open arms without a second thought. Maybe it was because of the fact it was a smaller church, I never felt as though people were whispering behind my back. I thank them for the love they showed us, but I know in some churches people are being judged. In fact, my old pastor's son had a daughter out of wedlock and for the longest time he and his wife had nothing to do with the granddaughter. However, when she started walking and talking, and resembling their son, they couldn't help, but to forgive him and welcome the little lady into the church.

    1. Beautiful story...Correction is necessary, but FALSE judgement KILLS...We as Christians must do a better job recognizing the difference between someone who has fallen or been mislead, and someone who is rebellious...Thank you for the comment...